• Jobs

    Five Key Priorities


    Continue creating more jobs and increase incomes

  • Families

    Five Key Priorities


    Protect family budgets

  • Health

    Five Key Priorities


    Prioritise spending on the health service

  • Education

    Five Key Priorities


    Raise standards in education for everyone

  • Infrastructure

    Five Key Priorities


    Invest in infrastructure for the future

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Latest Updates

DUP joins PM to force MPs to say where they stand on respecting referendum result

07 December 2016

DUP Deputy Leader Rt Hon Nigel Dodds MP has said that MPs across the House of Commons, for the first…

Cameron speaks at Women’s Aid ‘Lifting the Lid’ event

07 December 2016

Deputy Chair of the Assembly Justice Committee South Antrim MLA, Pam Cameron has today spoken during…

Pam Cameron

Option to do nothing regarding flooding is simply not an option – Anderson

07 December 2016

Following a report into winter flooding 2015/16 conducted by Alan Strong, chair of the NI Drainage…

Sydney Anderson

Predictable political attacks from parties who opposed closure of RHI scheme

07 December 2016

DUP MLA Alastair Ross has criticised comments by opposition representatives about the RHI scheme as…

Alastair Ross

Dodds Praises Widow’s Bravery in Parliament

07 December 2016

DUP Westminster Leader Rt Hon Nigel Dodds MP today praised the bravery and dignity of Joanne McGibbon…

Givan launches masterplan to reinvigorate Belfast’s Greater Clarendon (Sailortown) Area

07 December 2016

Minister for Communities, Paul Givan MLA, has today launched a new Masterplan to help shape the future…

Paul Givan

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